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Coaching & Consulting

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Coaching is a combination of counseling, mentoring, and consultation. Coaching is a goal oriented, interactive process wherein a coach partners with an individual to formulate goals, develop action plans or strategies to achieve goals, help maintain focus and progress toward goals, and help overcome obstacles to goal attainment. Coaches also help develop techniques to maintain changes. For individuals requiring help with motivation, goal setting/attainment, and time management, coaching is an alternative to therapy.


CoachingConsultingYour coach will support, encourage, teach, and help you maintain progress towards your goals.  Your coach will be honest, direct, and challenging to help you move forward. You, as the client, establish the agenda for coaching–and the success of coaching will depend on your willingness to define goals and take risks, as well as try new approaches. Although the roles of Coach and Therapist are frequently similar, they often may conflict; therefore, it is inappropriate for the same clinician to do therapy with coaching clients.  This means that if issues are uncovered in coaching that would best be addressed in therapy, than we will refer you to an appropriate resource.

We provide in-office and tele-coaching to mental health professionals starting private practices, to individuals feeling stuck in their current career and seeking change, and to individuals needing support or assistance to achieve a life goal.  We also provides parent coaching for parents of adolescents.

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