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Adolescent Services

Adolscent ServicesAdolescence is a time in life like no other. It is a time of extraordinary transitions. During this time, individuals are moving from childhood to young adulthood. Their bodies, minds, and emotions are undergoing more changes than at any other time in life except infancy. In fact, change is what adolescence is all about–changing from childhood to early adolescence, and then changing from late adolescence to young adulthood. The variability involved in such changes can be very stressful for adolescents, as well as for those around them. For some, it is a time of learning and growing, while for others, it can be a time of distress and emotional challenge.

As with any experience, adolescence can easily be positive or negative. Because we understand this, we developed the Adolescent Psychological Service Center to address the specific psychological needs of adolescents. Through this program we provide individual and group therapy and psychological testing for adolescents. Additionally, we offer parenting support to individuals raising adolescents. The parenting support program includes parent support groups, parenting consultations, parent coaching, and parent training programs tailored specifically for parents of adolescents.


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