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Payment Information

Psychotherapy sessions are scheduled on an ongoing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis for the duration of 45 or 50 minutes as agreed. Although we accept some insurance all regularly scheduled sessions are ultimately your financial responsibility. Payment is due at the time services are rendered, and is accepted in the form of cash, checks, debit cards, and most credit cards.

Our rates are within the average range for the type of services we provide, and depend on the specific service received. We accept a number of insurance plans. However, it is your responsibility to contact your insurance provider to determine if we are a member of your plan, the limitations of your plan, your copay amount, and your deductible. If we are a member of your insurance plan,  your insurance co-pay and/or any deductible will be due at the time of service. If you have a PPO health insurance plan that covers “Out-of-Network Providers”, you may be able to be reimbursed between 30-80% of your costs for our services. Please consult with your individual health insurance company first to make sure, and we will be happy to provide you with receipts for service for reimbursement.   In addition , consultation, coaching and some types of testing are not covered by insurance.

Although we accept a number of insurance plans, many individuals choose not to use their insurance, and instead pay out of pocket for therapy services to avoid the releasing of sensitive and confidential information to their insurance company, which is frequently a requirement of insurance companies. Most often, this decision is due to concerns about privacy or protected health information. If you choose to not work directly with insurance companies, you may certainly make that choice for yourself! In addition, your therapy sessions may be tax deductible as a medical expense. Please contact your tax adviser to see if you qualify so we can prepare a receipt for services rendered.

It may be helpful to know that direct pay from insurance companies erode your right to privacy. When we file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement for our services we have to give you a “mental disorder diagnosis” that is reported to the health insurance company. Some of these diagnoses can cause it to be difficult for you to obtain health insurance in the future. Also depending on the length of your treatment, we will need to write a report to the health insurance company saying you are still sick, and getting a bit better, but not too much better because then the health insurance company will claim that therapy is no longer necessary. It can be as if someone from the health insurance company is in the room with us deciding if we should continue to work together. When we send in that report with the mental disorder diagnosis, there can be up to 14 people reading, touching, or hearing about the report before anyone is reimbursed.

Therapy sessions are parceled out in small numbers. Treatment planning is conducted by a managed care “case manager” with cost containment in mind. The “case manager”, who has never seen you, and may have no mental health training, will decide whether treatment is authorized.

Fees for testing/assessments are determined after the first session based on the type of testing required, and information needed. Fees for testing/assessments include the initial parent/client interview, the direct and indirect contact hours spent administering and scoring the psychological tests,  the interpretation of tests and writing of the report,  a feedback meeting, and a comprehensive written report with practical and specific recommendations. If you are unsure about whether or not you or your child needs an evaluation, we will be happy to provide you with a free 15 minute complimentary phone consultation. Attending the first session to discuss testing does not obligate you for the completion of testing or for fees beyond the first session.

Typically a portion of the fees are paid on the first day of testing and the balance is due  on  the last day of testing.   We will work to collaborate with insurance companies and families whenever possible. However, not all testing is covered by insurance.  Typically any testing that is not “medically necessary” is not covered by insurance.

Our cancellation policy requires a 24 hour notice to cancel a scheduled appointment. This allows us to schedule another client in need of a new appointment or follow up appointment in that time.  If you miss your scheduled appointment without notifying our office at least 24 hours in advance, you will be responsible for the contracted fee for that session.

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