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Relationship Maintenance

couple_silhouette (2)February is the month of Valentine’s Day, the day dedicated to honoring love and those we love. For many of us we celebrate with candy, flowers, special dates and  cards expressing our love and appreciation. No manner how you celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember that all relationships, whether with a significant other, a child, other family members, or friend, require attention and nurturing all year long to help them subsist and grow.

Tips and Strategies for maintaining relationships:

  • Show Up. Spend quality time cultivating the relationship. When you are with the person be present, attend to them, and what is going on with them. Focus on what they are talking about and treat their concerns as important. Be a good listener, be encouraging, and be supportive. Also share of yourself. Communicate your own concerns, interests, and life happenings. Allow them to support and encourage you as well. Relationships should be mutually beneficial.
  • Courtesy and Respect. Treat those you care about the way you want to be treated. Too often we take the affection of those close to us for granted. We forget to be considerate of them. Often, we vent our frustrations, unhappiness,  and anger on them without reason or provocation. This type of behavior is unfair, and slowly erodes the relationship and affection. Say please and thank you, and don’t deliberately hurt those you care about. Respect nurtures a relationship by not judging or criticizing, by accepting, and by allowing you to be you.
  • Resolve conflicts in a respectful manner. Conflicts or disagreements are forms of communication.  Just as with anger, it is not the conflict that is the issue, it is how it is managed or resolved that can be problematic. Even during the heat of the moment we should remember that we love and respect this person, and act accordingly to resolve any disagreements.  In caring relationships being right should not be the priority, but the relationship should be the priority. Avoid blaming, and seek solutions sooner rather than later. Don’t  hold grudges; work through disagreements, and then let them go.
  • Be trustworthy. Be honest and reliable in your actions and behaviors. Be someone who can be relied on to be in the relationship, available, and supportive. Do what you say you are going to do. Relationships need trust to survive. A true sense of trust is present when each person feels safe to be open, honest and genuine.
  • Show Appreciation. Do not be shy about demonstrating your affection and positive regard for the person and the relationship. Everyone likes to be appreciated.

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