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Just Breathe

Breathing is the act of inhaling air in through your nose, cleaning and warming it prior to taking it to the lungs. From the lungs it is transported to the heart where it is pumped to parts of the body, where oxygen is removed, and the left over waste product – carbon dioxide – is carried back the way it came, and exhaled. This life affirming activity has been demonstrated to reduce anxiety, panic attacks, muscle tension, headaches and fatigue.  Although the lasting benefits of proper breathing techniques may not be evident for months, with persistent practice they are possible. 

The following breathing exercise is a good starting exercise for learning to breathe to release tension.  It only takes 5 to10 minutes, and is a quick tension reduction strategy during a busy day.

1. Get into a comfortable position, sitting or lying down, with your arms and legs uncrossed, and your spine straight. Close your    eyes. Without trying to change your breathing, simply notice your breathing. 

2.  Breathe in deeply into your abdomen and say to yourself, “breathe in relaxation”.  Let yourself pause before you exhale.

3.  Breathe out from your abdomen and say to yourself, “breathe out relaxation”.   Let yourself pause before you inhale.

4.  Use each inhalation  to become aware of any tension in your body.  Use each exhalation to let go of any tension.

5.  Notice your breathing gradually slowing, your body relaxing , and your mind calming.

6.  It may help if you use your imagination to visualize yourself  a wave of relaxation entering your body, and a wave of tension leaving your body. 

 With consistent practice of this exercise you should experience decreased stress and increased relaxation.


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